Book Projects

Mónica Brito Vieira is currently starting work on a book-length project exploring the relation between representation and democracy, from a historical and from a normative perspective.

She is also interested in the aesthetic dimensions of representation in politics. Representation was originally an aesthetic category, and the connections between aesthetic and political representation have been a recurrent theme in much historical and theoretical reflection on the topic of representation and on the specific nature of representative government. However this purported homology between representation in politics and representation in the arts remains, for the most part, an unscrutinised insight, deserving more thorough analysis.

The article she has recently submitted to ICON is part of a co-authored book project (with Filipe Carreira da Silva) advancing an alternative theory of human rights, focusing on second generation rights, which is provisionally entitled Getting Rights Right.

She is also the co-editor of Mind the Gap, a book on the interface between the humanities, the social sciences, the arts, and the brain sciences, which is currently under review with several university presses.